Founded in 1965

by Paula Greaves M.B.E

For Widowed, Divorced, Separated & Single People

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL SOLOISTS I   have   just   received   the   National   Secretary’s   important   letter    concerning   the   National   AGM   on   Sunday   8 th    May   at Tamworth   and   informing   us   all   that   the   National   Chairman   (Roy   Perry)   and   the   National   Treasurer   (Jean   Sutton)   will   not be   standing   again   for   re-election   and   also   informing   us    (being   every   member   of   Solo,   every   Club   of   which   there   are now   19   and   every   Committee)    that   unless   someone   else   within   Solo   is   willing   to   take   up   these   places   then   the National   Federation   will   close .      If   this   happens   then   every   Club   will   also   be   obliged   to   close   and   return   all   Club   funds   to the   National   Federation   who,   in   turn,   are   obliged   to   return   all   funds   to   the   Charity   Commissioners   who   will   then distribute   those   funds   to   various   Charities   of   a   similar   kind.      All   this   is   written   in   the   green   rule   book   which   every member has and every member should take time to read. This   question   of   Club   funds   being   returned   to   the   National   Federation   has   been   discussed   time   and   again   at   National Executive   Committee   level   and   at   previous   National   AGM’s   and   the   answer   has   always   been   the   same,   i.e.   that   it   is   not negotiable   Club   funds   must   be   returned   and   cannot   be   retained   to   start   up   another   Club.      So,   I   wish   all   Clubs   to   be aware   of   this   and   if   you   are   at   all   interested   in   keeping   Solo   alive   (in   order   to   keep   your   Club   funds)   then   every Committee   member   and   Club   member   should   seriously   consider   whether   or   not   they   could   take   on   the   vacancies   about to arise of National Chairman and National Treasurer. There   are   certain   of   us   (and   we   know   who   we   are)   that   faithfully   attend   National   Executive   Committee   meetings   and   the yearly   AGM   but   there   are   those   members   who   never   even   bother   to   think   twice   about   attending   and   just   continue   each week   attending   their   regular   Club   nights   and   other   Club’s   nights   and   couldn’t   care   less   about   the   movement   of   Solo   and what   it’s   aims   and   purposes   are,   yet   every   member   out   there   was   extremely   glad   to   find   Solo   when   they   suddenly became   lonely   because   they   were   on   their   own.      Do   you   really   want   this   movement   to   come   to   an   end?      We   do   a   grand job   in   helping   people   to   find   new   confidence   in   themselves   and   give   them   a   new   social   life   but,   once   they   reach   that point   they   seem   to   think   Solo   doesn’t   matter   anymore.      It   does   matter   and   you   should   matter    so   please   think   hard about   what   I   have   said   and,   if   you   really   care,   you   have   two   chances   to   come   along   and   discuss   this   (and   perhaps   put forward your willingness to take on one of the forthcoming vacancies) before the AGM at:- 1 . The   next   National   Executive   Committee   meeting   at   Wilnecote   Parish   Hall,   Wilnecote,   Tamworth   B77   5AD   on Sunday 21 st  February at 12.00 noon.  There will be buffet refreshments 2 . The   West   Midlands   Region   Committee   meeting   at   Chetwynd   House,   The   Parade,   Princess   Street,   Nuneaton CV11 5NR on Sunday 28 th  February at 1.30 p.m.  There will be buffet refreshments. Any member is welcome at these meetings and always have been. Jill Summers (Secretary) Coventry Solo Club